City of Hondo Utilities

City of Hondo Utilities
1600 Avenue M
Hondo, TX 78861
Phone: (830) 426-3378
Fax: (830) 426-5189

Hours of Operation
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Utility Billing division generates utility bills, processes payments for utility accounts, establishes new services, collects payments for permits, cemetery plots and perpetual care. Utility account disputes requiring research are promptly addressed by the Utility Billing staff members. We enter work orders, assist Republic Services solid waste disposal with tracking calls in reference to missed pickups or broken cans. The division also maintains the City of Hondo Cemetery records, and assists with marking of the graves for burials.

Should you experience any issues or have any concerns, please contact the Utility Billing Division. A work order may be created on your behalf to assure issues are tracked and resolved in a timely manner.  Your patience is greatly appreciated!  Our division handles all work orders that include, but are not limited to, power outages, street repairs, wastewater, and water line problems.

You can reach us at (830) 426-3378.

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Please review our fee schedule below, if you have any questions, contact our office.
General Fees  
   Banner Fee (Permission from TxDOT Required) $75.00
   Edwards Aquifer Authority Management Monthly Fee (EAA)  $0.05 per 100 gallons
   Returned Check Fee $40.00
   Street Light (Existing) Monthly Fee $24.50
   Street Light- New Service $29.50

Utility Fees   
   Residential Water and Sewer Deposit $100.00
   Residential Electric Service Deposit $200.00
   Commercial Water and Sewer Deposit* $100.00 (minimum)
   Commercial Electric Service Deposit* $500.00 (minimum) 
   Electric Overhead up to 100' $250.00
   Electric Overhead over 100' $250.00 plus actual cost
   Electric Underground up to 100' $375.00 
   Electric Underground over 100'  $350.00 plus actual cost
*Service deposits for commercial users or utility services not listed will be determined using an average of the highest and lowest bill during the most recent preceding twelve month period. 
Deposits for property or customers with no billing history will be determined using the billings to like businesses or properties.

Reconnect Fee for Failure to Pay  
   During business hours:            
      Utility reconnect fee $40.00
   During non business hours  
      First offense in a 12 month period $50.00
      Every offense thereafter in a 12 month period $100.00

Collection Fee For Customer and Disconnect list on the date of disconnect
      Water and Electric (per meter) $15.00

Fee for Customer request for Meter Reading  
      Water and Electric Re-read (per meter) $25.00
      Tampering Fee (1st offense) $500.00
      Offense thereafter $750.00
      Pole disconnect $160.00

Valeria Lopez
Utility Billing Supervisor
1600 Avenue M
Hondo, Texas 78861
(830) 426-3378